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Changing Gearz

The Changing Gearz web site is currently undergoing some updating and change which we hope will provide people with a better understanding of the work that we do in supporting young people and how they can get involved and support our work in Torfaen.

We are currently offering a limited service due to the Corona Virus. We will continue to sell bikes and receive donated bikes to the project for the young people to work with. We hope to re-open once restrictions have eased enough. We will keep everything up-to-date through the social media and the website.

Thank you

‘I love my vintage bike, it has made me go out and about more. Thank you Changing Gearz – I love it!’


I love my new bike


Excellent friendly service. Bikes at a reasonable price. Fantastic job and project x

Eunice Jones

Just had my boys bike repaired with these and I can honestly say they were brilliant! Very friendly and courteous. The repair was done within the hour and I even got offered a cup of tea…..customer service at it's best. I would definitely recommend these guys and of course the lady that was present too. Will definitely be using these again for repairs if anything else goes wrong with my boys bikes….huge thank you

Richard Brett Wilson

Our main project goal is to support young people who need some additional help in secondary school and young people who need help into employment education or training in Torfaen.

Gareth Jones – Inspire2 Project Manager Torfaen


The Changing Gearz Project is part of the Inspire2 project in Torfaen which is funded through the European Social Fund until December 2022. Changing Gearz was developed to support young people aged 11 – 24 by providing access to bike maintenance and leadership training. The Inspire2 project works with young people who have barriers to their learning or progression and helps build their confidence and engagement and provides needs-led support to help them progress into or towards education, employment or training. For more information on the activities, we offer then click the button below!

Donating A Bike

If you wish to donate us one of your unused bikes then we are more than happy to take them in! With the Changing Gearz Project, we aim to refurbish the bikes with the youngsters part of the program to teach them new skills in bike maintenance, and to offer them activities to do with the parts of those bikes such as making clocks, sculptures, seats, etc, etc! We can even arrange to pick it up ourselves! Visit our contact page, and or the donate a bike page for more information. No bike is useless to us!

Buying A Bike

We don’t only take bikes in for donation. We also sell bikes too! We ensure that the bikes we sell are completely safe, fully refurbished, and ready to use instantly! For more information on how to buy a bike from us, visit our bike page now!