Literature Wales Project with Inspire2Achieve

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Literature Wales and Huw Watkins from the Inspire2Achieve team put together a project that involved a group of young people from Cwmbran High School. This allowed them to express their feelings with poetry, film making and some beautiful art creations. Jodie Bond, the author, came in to engage with the young individuals for writing poetry while enhancing their already hidden English Writing talents! Tracy Pallant and Amy Peckham came in as the filmmakers. By the end of the project, Tracy and Amy created a lovely film that captured the journey that the group of young people partook in. Throughout the project, the group from Cwmbran High enjoyed their time filming and playing with the camera equipment offered to them. It was a fun 6-week journey and the group of girls showed promising English speaking and writing skills, expressing themselves in a very commemorative way. Jodie, Tracy and Amy were beyond happy to experience this project alongside the girls.

A big thanks to Literature Wales for allowing us to put together this activity!