Literature Wales Project with Inspire2Achieve

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Literature Wales and Huw Watkins from the Inspire2Achieve team put together a project that involved a group of young people from Cwmbran High School. This allowed them to express their feelings with poetry, film making and some beautiful art creations. Jodie Bond, the author, came in to engage with the young individuals for writing poetry while enhancing their already hidden English Writing talents! Tracy Pallant and Amy Peckham came in as the filmmakers. By the end of the project, Tracy and Amy created a lovely film that captured the journey that the group of young people partook in. Throughout the project, the group from Cwmbran High enjoyed their time filming and playing with the camera equipment offered to them. It was a fun 6-week journey and the group of girls showed promising English speaking and writing skills, expressing themselves in a very commemorative way. Jodie, Tracy and Amy were beyond happy to experience this project alongside the girls.

A big thanks to Literature Wales for allowing us to put together this activity!

Changing Gearz at Pontypool Indoor Market !

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We have a market stall at Pontypool Indoor Market. We will be selling a wide range of refurbished bikes that are also listed on the website, cycling accessories ranging from helmets, puncture repair kits, stickers, tyres< clothing and much more. Inspire 2 Achieve/Work information will also be available so at any time we can help give the information needed to the public on what we offer to the young people of Torfaen. The stall also gives us an opportunity to give the young people from our Inspire2Work project a chance to gain face-to-face experience with the public, aiding them in their confidence as well as good experience for retail work.

The Stall is open every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am until 2:00pm where one of our Bike Mechanics will be available at the stall.

More updates on bikes available in person at the stall, new items or general update on information will be posted in the blog section here on our website.

CG Welcomes New Kickstart Employees

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This summer we have welcomed 3 new Kickstart scheme employees.

Josh – Social Media/Marketing.

Craig – Bike Maintenance.

Owen – Music Production and DJ.

Over the next six months, our three new employees will support Inspire 2, bringing their strengths and qualities to the project.

Josh will be helping to promote the work of Inspire 2 and Changing Gearz through Social Media and live events as well as refreshing and maintaining the website.

Owen is a DJ and musician. He is developing the electronic music workspace at Inspire 2 and will use his skills to engage young people and invite them into the world of music production.

Craig has joined the bicycle workshop as a mechanic and is working on fixing, refurbishing and selling bikes as part of Changing Gearz. He is also supporting young people through Inspire2Achieve activities alongside the bike maintenance.

The Kickstart scheme provides funding to create new jobs for young people aged 16-24 and we are delighted to help provide these opportunities.

For more information, check out the Kickstart Scheme information page –

Changes to Website

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Changes are being made to the Changing Gearz website to bring it up to date.

Changing Gearz is now part of the Inspire 2 project and the building in which we are based is now formally known as the Inspire Centre.

While Changing Gearz does still accept bike donations and sell refurbished second hand bikes, there are now many other activities that take place in the centre and throughout the wider Inspire project. Activities such as art classes, PX2, gym sessions, barista training, customer service skills, bike maintenance and many more, make this an exciting time for Inspire 2 and it’s team of staff who deliver these activities.

With the help of our participants, we are gradually working through the website making changes to each section to make it more informative and relevant. For example the ‘Bikes for Sale’ section now shows a selection of bikes that are currently available to purchase at the Inspire Centre. This will be kept up to date on a regular basis.

We will also be including more information about the different courses that happen at the Inspire Centre and throughout the Inspire project so you can get a better overview of who we are and what we do.

That’s it for now, but keep checking back for updates and if you are looking for a bike to purchase or have a bike to donate then please visit the centre at any time during the week. Our address details are listed on the Contact Us page.


Newport County AFC Charity Bike Ride 2015

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Newport County Charity Ride

Newport County AFC using Changing Gearz bikes.

London to Amsterdam – June 2015.

Newport County AFC are taking part in a charity bike ride, cycling from London to Amsterdam in association with the football league. Norman Parselle from the community team and three members are representing County and the community, in a 145-mile cycle over two days. Cycling from London to Amsterdam raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK, with the hope to also raise awareness of the condition. Here at Changing Gearz we have loaned out four brand new bikes and adjusted them to size ready for County to take part in the charity ride. 

Customer Reviews

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Eunice Jones – Excellent friendly service. Bikes at a reasonable price. Fantastic job and project x

Richard Brett Wilson – Just had my boys bike repaired with these and I can honestly say they were brilliant! Very friendly and courteous. The repair was done within the hour and I even got offered a cup of tea…..customer service at it’s best. I would definitely recommend these guys and of course the lady that was present too. Will definitely be using these again for repairs if anything else goes wrong with my boys bikes….huge thank you