CG Welcomes New Kickstart Employees

By August 16, 2021Latest news

This summer we have welcomed 3 new Kickstart scheme employees.

Josh – Social Media/Marketing.

Craig – Bike Maintenance.

Owen – Music Production and DJ.

Over the next six months, our three new employees will support Inspire 2, bringing their strengths and qualities to the project.

Josh will be helping to promote the work of Inspire 2 and Changing Gearz through Social Media and live events as well as refreshing and maintaining the website.

Owen is a DJ and musician. He is developing the electronic music workspace at Inspire 2 and will use his skills to engage young people and invite them into the world of music production.

Craig has joined the bicycle workshop as a mechanic and is working on fixing, refurbishing and selling bikes as part of Changing Gearz. He is also supporting young people through Inspire2Achieve activities alongside the bike maintenance.

The Kickstart scheme provides funding to create new jobs for young people aged 16-24 and we are delighted to help provide these opportunities.

For more information, check out the Kickstart Scheme information page –